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Keyframe Assist for Magix Vegas

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These 3 scripts will add 2 keyframes on a track motion track at an exact distance apart. So that you don't have to guess how far apart your track motion moves and zooms are when working quickly at various timeline zooms.

It will add 2 key frames, the first one will be the same value as the previous key frame and the second one will be a reset to your project resolution (reset box).

It now works with all Composite Mode types including 3D, (updated 05 Feb 2024).

The keyframes will be added on the selected video track. If there is no video track selected, the keyframes will be added to the first video track.

There are 3 versions of the script for different timings:

Short / Def / Long

You can use the RunSettings Script to start the KFSettingsDialog file that will allow you to adjust the settings without messing around with the Settings.txt file.

You can also edit the timings and types in the Settings.txt file. This file MUST be in the same folder as the script dll files.

The default settings are as follows:


Choices for timing are any number (in seconds)

Choices for Type are:



Copy the entire Phil P Keyframes folder to the folder:

YourUserName\Documents\Vegas Script Menu

(If this folder does not exist you can create it).

  • Open Vegas and go to Menu > Tools > Rescan Script Menu Folder
  • You can then either run the scripts from the menu or add them to a shortcut (Otter Bar is great for this)
  • Add a set of keyframes using one of the scripts and edit the second keyframe in Vegas to your required value.
  • Add another set of keyframes to reset width and height etc. back to normal values. (Or adjust the second keyframe to your new values).

I will be working to improve this script over time.

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Vegas Pro Script: Keyframe Assist

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Keyframe Assist for Magix Vegas

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