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UAD Mover for Windows

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UAD Plugin Mover V7 for Windows & UADx VST3 Mover

With the release of UAD Plugins as VST3 versions there is no longer any need to use the main UAD Mover Application if you don't need VST2 versions organised. Most of us will no longer need the VST2 versions at all, as the VST3 version will simply replace the VST2 versions that were used in any projects.

Instead use the included UADXVST3 Mover Application.

This will:

  • Backup everything.
  • Remove all VST2 Plugins, except for the only remaining one that does not exist as VST3, "UAD Antares Auto-tune Realtime"
  • The "UAD Antares Auto-tune Realtime" VST2 plugin will be moved to the folder "Universal Audio\Legacy" in the VST2 Plugins folder.
  • If you do not want to remove the VST2 files, you can set "RemoveVST2=True" to "RemoveVST2=False" in the ini file.
  • If you have the UADx plugins, they will all be moved (in the VST3 Plugins folder) to the folder "UADx"
  • If you have the Sphere Mic Collection plugins they will be moved to a folder "Sphere" in the VST3 Plugins folder.

What the old UAD Mover does (still included for compatibility):

  • With a single click this tool will organise your UAD VST2 plugins into separate folders (which can be customised)
  • It supports all plugins past and future.
    • You can add new plugins to the list in the .ini file or download the latest version automatically,
  • Mono plugins cane be moved or removed.
  • Novation Automap plugins will also be moved if they exist.

The preset folders are:

  • Bass
  • Channel
  • Delay
  • Dynamics
  • EQ
  • Guitar
  • Mic
  • Modulation
  • Pitch
  • Reverb
  • Saturation
  • Tools
  • Neve
  • Sonnox
  • Teletronics
  • Precision
  • UA

You can easily assign your own folder names to any plugin. For example, you can add the label DEMO to all your demo plugins so that they are easily recognisable and in a separate folder. You can also add REMOVE or simply no category and the plugin will be removed.

Full instructions are in the manual which is accessed after installation.

Purchase includes free updates forever. No yearly licenses.

Note: There are no settings for the UADXVST3 Application. The individual UADx plugin and instrument folders are always moved to a subfolder UADx in the default VST3 Plugins area and then backed up to Desktop.

The only setting is for if you do not wish to delete the VST2 Plugins. This can be found in the ini file: %APPDATA%\Phil Pendlebury\UAD Mover\uadmove.ini

Support: For support, questions, new ideas and suggestions or if you are interested in testing new versions; Please visit My Discord

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UAD Mover application for Windows

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UAD Mover for Windows

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