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OBS Rename Plus for Magix Vegas

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This little script is intended for OBS users who use multiple audio channels when recording with OBS.

OBS Supports 1 video tracks and 6 audio tracks but you can use this script to add as many track names and actions as you like.

It will rename the tracks according to the settings file and also Mute / Solo or Delete them.

It should only be run once! After importing all your recorded OBS files into a new Vegas Project.

Usage: Simply edit the Settings.txt file to show the names of your desired tracks.

First line MUST BE "Normalization=0.0" where 0.0 is your Normalization Offset. It is better to leave this at 0.0 unless you really know what you are doing.

For example:

Main Video=X
Stream Audio=MN
DAW Audio=N
Beep Marker=M
OBS Track 6=S

If there is character after the = the following action will be taken

  • M = Mute the track
  • S = Solo the track
  • D = Delete the track
  • N = Normalize all events on the track
  • X or any other character or BLANK = No action

  • You can combine settings, although in some cases this is useless.
  • For example, "=MN" will Mute the track and normalize the events on that track.
  • It would be useless to do "=DN" as this will Normalize and Delete the track.

Copy the entire Phil P OBS Rename folder to the folder:

YourUserName\Documents\Vegas Script Menu

(If this folder does not exist you can create it).

Open Vegas and go to Menu > Tools > Rescan Script Menu Folder

You can then either run the script from the menu or add it to a shortcut (Otter Bar is great for this)

I will be working to improve this script over time.

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OBS Rename Plus for Magix Vegas

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