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Project Folder Assistant for Windows

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Project Folder Assistant V3.5 for Windows:


It will create a hierarchical folder structure for use with your project folders. Using presets and templates.

Create a list or use the default templates to make subfolders within your project folders.

Works on one project folder at a time or on all projects within a certain folder.

Add your desired folder names. There is no limit to the number of folders or subfolders.
App uses CMD to make folders so all folders will be created if they do not exist.

If you want subfolders use "\"

3=Mixes\Subfolder2\Another Folder

Browse to your project file

Hit Go! to create all selected folders inside that project.
Hit View to view the folder you have selected.

If you select the checkbox "Create in Subfolders instead", the application will Create your custom folder hierarchy within all subfolders to one level.

So for example if you have these folders on you computer:

D:\Cubase Projects\Hit Song
D:\Cubase Projects\Movie Score
D:\Cubase Projects\Jamming
D:\Cubase Projects\Jamming\Audio

And you want to create your folder list within ALL the individual project folders. You would tick the "Create in Subfolders instead" checkbox. And select D:\Cubase Projects as the Project root Path.

Now each of the projects will have the new folder hierarchy made inside them.

Note that: D:\Cubase Projects\Jamming\Audio would be ignored.


If the preset begins with "Move" it will accept 2 parameters: File Type and Destination. The files of File Type will be moved to Destination. Destination will be created if required.

FileType: Destination Folder

Make your preset with content as in the following example:

[Move Preset Name]
2=vmx:VMX Files
3=csh:CSH Files

This method also works with the Subfolder checkbox. So if you have multiple folders inside the selected folder, the application will move all file types into the appropriate subfolders.

If there are none of the specified file types in the folder the new folder (destination) will not be created.

It is highly recommended that you right click the application and select "Run as Admin", otherwise you will get a message box asking you to approve each folder being made.

For support, questions, new ideas and suggestions or if you are interested in testing new versions; Please use the Discord

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Project Folder Assistant application for Windows

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Project Folder Assistant for Windows

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