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Constrain Delay Compensation Checker for Windows

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Constrain Delay Compensation Checker for Windows:

It will run in the background and monitor your Cubase or Nuendo and remind you that Constrain Delay Compensation is turned on. (It needs to see the button).

If the button is lit you will see a background message that basically flashes on the taskbar at a user defined time interval (default is 5 minutes). This does not interrupt work at all.

If the Export Audio window is open AND the CDC button is lit, you will see an immediate focus stealing warning. This warning will only appear once and then again after a user defined amount of time (default is 10 minutes). (Or if the CDC button is off. Or if this application is restarted).

How to use:

Extract the whole folder (make shortcut if you like and run the exe file).

You can change the timings very easily in the ini file. (Edit the ini file before starting the application!)

*** It is important that you edit the ini file if your Audio Export Window is not called "Export Audio Mixdown" (ie. in any other language or different spelling).

You can also enable or disable either part of the application. So if you only want the Export Audio check you can turn off the basic CDC button check.

To STOP the application, simply click the icon in the Windows tray.

Here is the default ini file:


// Time between checks for CDC Button being lit

// EXACT Name of your Export Audio Window
export_window_name=Export Audio Mixdown

// Reset time for Export Audio warning

// Display background message when CDC button is lit? (TRUE/FALSE)

// Display warning if CDC is on and Export Audio Window is open? (TRUE/FALSE)

For support, questions, new ideas and suggestions or if you are interested in testing new versions; Please use the Discord

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Constrain Delay Compensation Checker application for Windows

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Constrain Delay Compensation Checker for Windows

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